TAG Heuer To Join FIA International Automobile Sports Federation (Part 2)

Today, when motorsport into the clean energy, environmental protection, a new era of sustainable development, Formula E Championship emerged global power equation, represents the vision and the future development prospects for decades the automotive industry. As a totally unconventional new top international competition, its biggest breakthrough is the source of power pure electric drive replaces the gasoline engine, the car has become the lead the future direction of the epoch-making initiative. Was founded in 2014, Formula TAG Heuer Replica  obtain the full support of TAG HEUER, Formula E world’s first game was successfully held in Beijing, he was subsequently swept the city of London and Los Angeles.


The press conference, Mr. Heuer, general manager of Greater China Tiger Leo Poon, said: “We are very cherished car culture enthusiasm and passion, which TAG HEUER innate pioneering spirit closely with our Formula E’s. cooperation based on the common belief that by subverting the traditional, bold innovation, will #DontCrackUnderPressure risen to the challenge, self-achievement of competitive spirit and carry forward the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection. ”

CEO of Formula E Holdings Alejandro Agag said: “In Formula E is an idea of ​​when TAG HEUER become our official launch of the tournament the first partner, which we are honored to .Foumula E of core keyword is energy, environmental protection and recreation, and we hope that through a series of revolutions and innovation to lead the future development of electric vehicle technology. TAG HEUER as a leader in the watchmaking industry, and we have the same concept of the vanguard. I look forward to us The second-year partnership will inspire more inspiration and innovation. ”

Tag Heuer brand ambassador Li Yi Feng scene with humorous words and presence of the media to share stories with his Tiger between TAG Heuer Watches UK, and said he was very proud to be the first person to drive Formula E China, the future will be more young, exercise, positive up approach to interpretation of “risen to the challenge of self-achievement” of the brand spirit of the brand.

Li Yi Feng with unique personal charm and fashion sense harvest a large number of loyal fans, to become the new generation of high-quality Internet age idol and trendsetting style pioneer. Although this is his first time driving Formula E Racing Challenge on the professional circuit, it is so calm and quiet, not afraid of any difficulties, always exudes vigor and vitality of young, perfect interpretation of the “risen to the challenge of self-achievement.”

Summary: TAG HEUER REPLICA WATCHES hand in Formula E is the inevitable result of the development of the times, it will be the brand’s racing history and corporate commitment to sustainable development together. Finally, to tell you: Formula E championship global power equation will be the first stop of 2015-2016 season kicked off on October 24 in Beijing, watched every wonderful moment in TAG HEUER time now!

TAG Heuer To Join FIA International Automobile Sports Federation (Part 1)

Swiss Replica Watch brand TAG Heuer Tiger Pioneer Hoya to join FIA International Automobile Sports Federation, jointly launched in 2015 the global electric Formula E Formula One World Championship. This marks the bilateral strategic agreement for a period of three years to enter the second year of cooperation, TAG Heuer continue to serve as “technical founding partner” and the “official watch.”


In this eye-catching special moments, TAG Heuer Replica brand ambassador Li Yi Feng incarnation professional race car driver in the field, dressed in a special competition clothing and wear the most symbolic of the Carrera watch, personally driving the car at the Beijing Olympic Park Formula E on track to accept the speed challenge. Li Yi Feng said: “I and the car has puzzled love, I love the sport of speed and passion to experience challenges, but also very much appreciate the TAG Heuer Formula E advocates and pioneer the concept of sustainable development, which is Times given each of us a mission. I wish the 2015 Formula E every success and look forward to seeing the top riders in the wonderful performance. ”

Mr. general manager of Greater China TAG Heuer Leo Poon, said: “We are very cherished car culture enthusiasm and passion, which TAG Heuer innate pioneering spirit closely with our Formula E’s. cooperation based on the common belief that by subverting the traditional, bold innovation, will #DontCrackUnderPressure risen to the challenge, self-achievement of competitive spirit and carry forward the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection. ”

CEO of Formula E Holdings Alejandro Agag said: “In Formula E is an idea of ​​when, TAG Heuer become our official launch of the tournament the first partner, which we are honored to .Foumula E core keyword is energy, environmental protection and recreation, and we hope that through a series of revolutions and innovation to lead the future development of electric vehicle technology .AG Heuer TAG HEUER as a leader in the watchmaking industry, and we have the same philosophy Pioneer I look forward to our second year of partnership will inspire more inspiration and innovation. ”

Passion for cars has been the driving force behind the drive TAG Heuer brand development. In 1911, TAG Heuer obtained Time of Trip patented technology, provide the first 12 hours dashboard timer for the automotive and aircraft. 1916, and the birth of an innovative technology, the first to reach only the precise extent of the advent of hundredths of a second stopwatch. From the 1950s to 2014 Juan Manuel Fangio’s Jenson Button, almost every world champion has become a TAG Heuer brand family legend. 1960s, TAG Heuer Formula One and Formula One World Championship started cooperation, its chronograph became the top riders of the essential choice. 70 years of Formula One to become an official involved in development cooperation, TAG Heuer Watches UK official Ferrari as timing work. In 1985, TAG Heuer McLaren become official timekeeper, the relationship between the two sides for several years to create a motorsport longest record of cooperation.

TAG Heuer hand in Formula E is the inevitable result of the development of the times, it will be the brand’s racing history and corporate commitment to sustainable development together. TAG Heuer’s environmental efforts to start from their own watch factory in Switzerland, the use of solar roof provide electricity. In 2010, TAG Heuer organized jointly with Tesla Tesla’s first all-electric GT high-performance sports car world tour. Now, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watch is proud to join the world’s most innovative new racing events Formula E, mechanical, technology, sports, science, and design a bold fusion, designed to create a more perfect future. Meanwhile, TAG Heuer also committed to supporting the development of motorsport Chinese culture and young talent, including long-term sponsorship history as the first Chinese driver Ho-Pin Tung F1.

Tag Heuer: Tom Brady has become the latest ambassador

On Wednesday, TAG HEUER Replica watch LVMH Group CEO Jean-Claude Biver, director appeared Carrera Chronograph Heuer 01 conference and proudly announced that the New England Patriots star quarterback, fourth Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, has become the latest brand ambassador.


Tom Brady Heuer 01 shows the new Carrera chronograph. The new case, new structure, new design, new movement. The watch is a tribute to commemorate the traditional brand, model the movement of 01 representatives of the rapid development of Calibre 1887 movement. Dial side projecting timing control and hollow calendar window, while the red end of the table column wheel and hollow dial plywood particularly noticeable.

The TAG HEUER watch uses a new generation of stainless steel case, seismic performance better. Instead of the traditional one-piece structure, replacing 12 different modular components, creating endless possibilities for a variety of materials, colors, combinations and finishing treatment processes. TAG Heuer 01 Tiger Carrera chronograph has a black perforated rubber strap.

Supermodel Molly Sims served as master of ceremonies the evening, DJ Eve with music make the atmosphere even more active. Event, Tom Brady threw signature football for charity Best Buddies raise money for charity. The organization is committed to caring intellectual disabilities physiology, and provide opportunities for the development of Cheap Replica Watches, leadership and employment skills. Several guests have the opportunity to grab a Tom Brady throw the football crowd’s signature, will this special souvenir to take home.

Tag Heuer watches, CEO and director of LVMH Group, Jean-Claude Biver, said:. “Tom Brady is very pleased to be the ambassador of TAG Heuer Tiger, we expect to participate in the American football tradition of strong personality Tom Brady, full of perseverance, uncompromising face of pressure, is the perfect symbol of ‘fearless challenge, self-achievement’ of. ”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said: “very pleased to be the ambassador of TAG Heuer Replcia  Tiger, a member of the family I have been full of respect for the luxury watchmaking tours, naturally, the new Carrera chronograph Heuer 01. I am no exception. When I buy a luxury watch is the first Tiger TAG Heuer watches, and work together with them as the return to the starting point. “

Tag Heuer CEO: Apple’s luxury watch will be obsolete

LVMH Group Watches TAG HEUER REPLCIA department director and CEO Jean-Claude Biver appeared CNBC. He said in an interview program, the traditional model of the Swiss luxury watch industry and products are to achieve a historic flyby from Apple and other rivals to win back customers. November 9 this year, TAG HEUER will launch Android powered smart watch –TAG HEUER CONNECTED, priced at $ 1,800. Previously, Apple released Apple Watch, 42 MM paragraph midsize watch the highest price of $ 1,099.



“Apple Watch how successful? We do not know initially expected sales volume of 1,000 million to 2,000 spindles, later reportedly sold only five million. But anyway, or will not watchmakers watchmaking genius, but can be sold 5000000 watch out, be regarded as astonishing phenomenal performance. “Jean-Claude Biver said that as with any traditional areas into new things, Apple is a strong competitor. “There is a traditional Swiss Replica Watches watchmaking industry affected? Of course, is a strong competitor even great, in my opinion is like a tsunami, especially for $ 200 to $ 2,000 price range of the product is.”

This year, Apple introduced the Apple Watch 18K gold luxury models, priced at 10,000 to $ 17,000 range, raise eyebrows. More importantly, Apple released Apple Watch Hermès to join Hermes watches, luxury designed by the French company with elaborate leather strap.

is likely to be with the TAG HEUER CONNECTED direct competition, in Jean-Claude Biver opinion, “If the price of more than $ 2,000, the actual sales will face difficulties. Such products are not eternal spread, which means that it will become obsolete. Who willing to spend 10,000 to $ 20,000, to buy together after five or ten years it will be outdated smart table? “Jean-Claude Biver had been asserted, Apple Watch application of technology will become obsolete, and therefore in the long run, with the technological development evolving traditional watchmaking, better withstand the test of time.

Tag Heuer Released New Series Watches Of 2016

The entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the new Tag Heuer Replica series watch. Tag Heuer Small Seconds watch with HMC 327 movement. As the series first watch, it Zhuo exquisite craft once again confirms, live prestige, have time to create a high-precision meter of outstanding ability. Tag Heuer series both inspired by the classic pocket watch brand history, but also into a variety of pure design elements of the 20th century. The inspiration comes from the latest series of the second phase of personal hygiene when Henry • Mu, that his career in St. Petersburg, Russia. Founded in 1828 shortly after the founding of Tag Heuer will get a royal favor. Mu quick to set up their own reputation, witnessed in his own name watchmaking company flourished, famous.

Tag Heuer, the one of famous brand of Swiss Replica Watches , pocket watches into the traditional design elements, but also the unique combination of the Bauhaus style of the 1920s and the era of the table mirror convex shape in the 1960s. Including larger bezel mouth, fully expose extremely elegant H. Moser iconic fumé dial. In order to match the table mirror, simple lines of the bezel and case, dial surface with a convex shape and the pointer also echoes with its outline, and thus more three-dimensional, each detail also withstand close scrutiny, especially when close up. Stick-shaped hour markers and curved edges are rendered Yan-shaped pointer slender shape, filling the dynamic vitality. Streamlined and elegant lines are the key to the new design language Tag Heuer series.

Endeavour series featured some of the same features, such as the vertical side with Moser “M” word crown. Arc matte satin region responsible for watchcase decorative belts, dive, brought together under the crown. This design is a combination of really fine and delicate, it is love at first sight. All elements of a perfect fit, and ultimately create a harmonious masterpiece of exquisite timepieces, distinct count reflects the Tag Heuer unique identity when H. Moser.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches Small Seconds is first of a series of watches, small seconds display panel was deliberately placed at the bottom of the dial as possible. The watch is divided into three styles and specific, unique. 18K pure gold shall include: ardoise dial, texture excellent argenté dial, as well as unusual, charming new iconic solid gold fumé dial. Tag Heuer in the building process of the series, the first attempt of the refined and elegant style, these watches are designed to direct the audience’s. With Tag Heuer series of watches and complex functions amplified planned launch, H. Moser & Cie. Once again show its rich heritage and expertise in pioneering innovative reputation.

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Tag Heuer Series 2014 new self-movement HMC 327. Feature of this movement is that traditional watchmaking, at least three days power reserve, and stop seconds. HMC 327 diameter 32 mm, with the new Tag Heuer Small Seconds watch 39.2 mm case can be described as a natural fit. HMC 327 can be designed after location close to the cover, so that the wearer can enjoy close H. Moser & Cie.’s Craftsmanship. HMC 327 is crystallized after careful study of the classical movement, but in terms of performance and efficiency has been optimized compared to the historical movement. Thanks to this movement to join the new series of watches stick Tag Heuer unmatched standard of watchmaking, and obtain significantly improved efficiency in production and assembly.

On the other hand, we also respect the traditions. Independent gossamer Clockwork Straumann Hairspring manually embedded Breguet balance spring, improved isochronous. Balance wheel with gold screws, to help balance accurate balance. H. Moser movement decorated with the company logo, engraved in gold material from a professional, but in order to be consistent with the overall streamlined design of the Replica Tag Heuer Watch, the flag is simplified to the greatest extent, to HMC 327 Itabashi Moser stripe on background.


Vulcain Replica Watches one of the best marketing and sales strategy is early in the morning lasting bonds with football; football popular around the world, and especially welcomed by the Spanish-speaking countries, and Vulcain early in the early twentieth century was Spanish-speaking countries have established a solid foundation. Precision timepieces, carefully strategy and the courage to fight a group of young elite players on the pitch complementary nature is invincible formula.


Just as was the Spanish team Real Madrid coach Francisco Bru cause Vulcain wrote in a letter: “Vulcain Chronograph has chronometer-like precision performance, team training time record is accurate, we won the national championship in 1934, Replica Watches For Sale also contributed. In the same year, Francisco Bru led the team off the Spanish FA, while leading the team president Santiago Bernabéu flag FY years .Santiago Bernabéu football star itself is for Real Madrid during a total of more than 1,200 ball incident later he was named Real Madrid’s home Yi Yi.

In addition to Real Madrid, the Italian La Fiorentina soccer team also specially designated choice Vulcain top timepieces. Vulcain this year launched 42 mm 50s Presidents’ Chronograph Heritage Chronograph, Chronograph year is oriented to make it engraved to mark the watch factory that year and the glorious history of his sport. 50s Presidents’ Chronograph Heritage Chronograph dial bodiless from the original watch, available in three models, namely: black with brown scale, eggshell white with a black and silver bottom with blue scale scale; and character models, the brand logo and digital models also echoes with the original watch; besides minute scale, the dial there are pulse (mean measured 30 under pulse) meter scale and “Gradué pour 30 pulsations” words; words 12:00 Vulcain trademarks bit below “chronometer” clearly indicate the precise performance chronograph.

50s Presidents’ Chronograph Heritage Chronograph Vulcain V-57 self-winding chronograph movement alone has by Swiss Watches official COSC chronometer test certificate; 42-hour power reserve; when you have, minutes, small seconds at 9 o’clock position, center chronograph hand , 3:00 bit to 30 minutes timer; 42 mm 18K rose gold or stainless steel case waterproof 50 meters, costume alligator strap with 18K rose gold or steel pin buckle.

Dive Breitling Avenger Seawolf watch Post Black Steel Limited Edition

Highly sought after dive Breitling Avenger Seawolf black steel watch launched a new limited edition, both fresh cool look and superior performance, black steel material with a bright yellow design elements gift of charisma, worthy of a super professional diving watch. Which Breitling Replica Watches issued only for the Chinese mainland, Limited 50.


This is an absolutely true professionals wrist instrument, as “The Avengers” series one, Breitling Avenger Seawolf dive watch Black Steel Limited Edition (Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel) undoubtedly has a very resolute and strong Reliable qualities: “Sea Wolf” means 3,000 m (10,000 ft) amazing waterproof performance, called “the king of the deep dive”; “Black Steel” is the carbonization process after high-intensity black stainless steel case, determination Jin Cool, is designed to challenge the most extreme environments designed for professional diving , it is the best partner to accompany the deep feeling brave extreme charm. The ergonomic design of the case, with a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is decorated with integrated bezel on the indicator, and engraved exclusive fresh cool dynamic aviation molded numerals, filling the aviation tradition Breitling.

Large screw-slip table on both sides of the crown with a reinforced protective device, safety relief valve can effectively balance the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case. Thick sapphire crystal through double-sided anti-glare treatment, dial with large luminous hands and oversized luminous hour markers, even sneak into the darkness of the deep sea is still legible million feet. Distinctive use of bright yellow elements on a black dial, eye-catching Smart. Black rubber strap makes this watch is sporty and fashion style. Yuanyuan power for this super cool diving watch is one high performance self-winding mechanical movement, and all have the same product Breitling Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), ensure that the Replica Tag Heuer no matter gallop on land, swim in deep sea or fly sky They are accurate and reliable. Breitling Avenger Seawolf dive watch Black Steel Limited Edition (Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel): Breitling carefully orchestrated, only for the limited edition of 50 Chinese mainland. Momentum away people, the ultimate style, highlighting the power of action.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Automatic Chronograph

In 1993, launched a bold innovation love wound meter sports watch series –Royal Oak Offshore Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. Born in 1972, shocked the world of classical senior watch octagonal Royal Oak Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch for the creation of this new series provides the design basis, the large table diameter of Royal Oak Offshore Replica Watches For Sale wrist Table extraordinary generous, bold innovation, solid, firm performance.


Diameter 42 cm case design achievements of a luxury sports watch indestructible. Texture tough steel inner frame perfectly magnetic interference resistance; coated rubber match for the bridge’s crown, buttons, and fixed by screws bezel ensures foolproof waterproof, Case extensive use of metal, for the watch equipped with self-winding mechanical movement provides a reliable protection. Royal Oak Offshore Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore series quickly won the favor of watch enthusiasts, now has become a model of modern watchmaking; it though after several re-interpretation of the style, but always stick to its core essence.

One of the most impressive first change occurred in 2010, the brand launched the first Royal Oak Offshore Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph, equipped with manual winding mechanical movement, forged carbon and ceramic case places material production.

Today, four years later, the love that time count proudly announced a new Royal Oak Offshore , especially equipped with the latest specially designed Calibre 2897 self-winding mechanical movement. Calibre 2897 movement as powerful as this watch, which consists of 335 component parts, its precision mechanical structure can glance through the sapphire crystal bottom case. While this movement is called a true masterpiece of precision machinery, each one hand-way parts are cutting, polishing, chamfering and decoration, creating a very interest-screen Shenning lighting effects. From a mechanical point of view Structurally, Calibre 2897 movement also performed prowess: Round grain satin polished, wraparound semicircular PT950 platinum oscillating weight made power for automatic chain system to provide an endless supply. Details and the pendulum movement Tuo 1:00 position through the dial window filling completely.

Tourbillon and is considered the most reliable and accurate column-wheel chronograph mechanism, when this watch provides precision go for the double protection. In order to protect the magnificent watch power system, excluding special love that time of Royal Oak Offshore Tag Heuer Watches Royal Oak Offshore case to be improved, use a fully modern, black tone of the material production: forged carbon case, ceramics bezel, titanium metal and ceramic buttons and a rubber strap. Royal Oak Offshore Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Automatic Chronograph called as a perfect fusion of traditional and high-tech excellence in watchmaking concept of a model.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art watch maestro

Watchmakers Replica Tag Heuer in order to pursue artistic, the number of extremely technology in watch above. So watch out simple timing tool, but rose to art. Such as, carved, inlaid precious stones, crystal dial, enamel, etc., and even some brand more unique, such as straw craft Cartier, Parmigiani wood inlay and so on. These processes so watch more appreciative of, like haute couture, so that women marvel.


Traditional handmade miniature craft to create a colorful scenery petals, engraved in the light tourbillon Circulation, Hortensia from the Empress Josephine muse brand pet name for her daughter, mother and warmth turned into dazzling jewelry inspiration. Pure diamond bright outline contours, beautiful mosaic above the dial, gold case hidden inside layout precision. Dial Hydrangea petals cascading changes rendered in meticulous crafted in open, wanton circulation, indulge in full bloom.

Chanel Camélia brodé Replica Watches For Sale
Since 1924, Lesage embroidery Square has been working with well-known haute couture and haute couture brand cooperation, with a long hand-made and unique virtuosity, showing numerous exquisite works. This is the first time the Lesage embroidery workshop used dial creation. Each one is unique embroidery, embroidery artisans embodies Seiko secret agents and creative ingenuity. As Ms. Chanel’s favorite flower camellia, the “needle embroidery painting” techniques to colorful silk embroidered above the black dial.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art watch maestro
Master enamel interpretation of vivid and colorful Indian manuscript illustration art movement around Loudiao painted enamel glaze rich, like the edge of  Swiss Watches the ancient oriental manuscript decorative floral pattern. Firstly decorative patterns inside filled with gold wire technology outline the outline, then filled with enamel. Enamel firing technology to complete leaf pattern after enamel treatment process and then hand carved detail, perfect to bring out the brilliance watch, and carving each other Loudiao movement.


Jacques de gilded carved enamel watch
Carved gold glittering blue enamel and gold complement each other bright, fine delicate composition, production and talent. Since the 18th century, Jacques de craftsmen accomplishments of this decorative craft already culmination; today, craft masters still adhering meticulous approach to complete large fire enamel production process. Dial subject to several thousand degrees before firing to the final shine. Use more decorative circular diagram to explain Yakedeluo favorite flowers in the world. Blue dial with blue steel hands echoed, red gold case with a black or blue alligator strap, gold and shining bright carved pavilions.

Complication Tag Heuer Watches is an important manifestation of the value of the watch, those who have only the male form virtuoso Today more and more complex functions used in the female form, the female watch market also whipped up a wave function. Complex functions added value does make mechanical watch sublimation, but for women, these functions get into the United States, it is more important. So watchmakers have added complex functions in the  same time did not forget to watch their own beauty.

Watches foe women, just beauty!!

Most women interviewed consumers, they have to buy a table attitudes converge, it is nice table, in order to impress them. Some of these celebrities. Indeed, women are visual animals, to watch this kind of precision plaything as well. Any movement, no matter how powerful you are, function more complex, not as has a “good bladder” to be more effective. So, watch in order to please a woman, as long as the United States on the line. Today, we are concerned that the United States and the United States who Breitling Replica Watches.


Design stylish, modern appearance of the watch should be the most appealing to female consumers. Watch the woman, more accessories play a role. So fashion brand launched quite a sense of fashion design table became the meat and potatoes. Continuation of the brand’s DNA in the fashion, fashion statement has a unique fans. Like Dior girl does not want to VIII, Chanel fans will want to retake a 2.55 premiere wearing Hermes Needless to say, what a woman can refuse?

Replica Watch Chanel Première
1987 launch of the Première watch, Chanel’s first watch. This table will be named PREMIÈRE reason not only because this is Chanel introduced the first watch, but also in order to Chanel’s chief tailor “Première” salute. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphire crystal, inspired by the classic N ° 5 perfume bottle and Paris Yoshito Square (Place Vendôme) shape. Popular stacked around the wearer, in addition to gold and silver options.

Dior VIII Montaigne series of senior Replica Watches For Sale
Dior brand’s signature elements are all the same to be injected in the design of advanced watch: its architectural lines reminiscent of the precious and light “Dior suit” (the “Bar” jacket). Each time day and night, it is fine with beautiful posture reflect women’s elegant. Dior launched the Dior VIII Montaigne senior watch series is not only the birthplace of the brand and the Paris luxury style salute, it is the inspiration to the deeper, while the basic hue stainless steel material and binding respected Mr. Dior.


Hermes Cape Cod
Cape Cod peninsula mottled sunlight, filled with a difference in the atmosphere; a unique sense of light, white and breathtaking, warm waters and like the sun shining in the silver surface. Hermes’s watch works, re-interpretation of this expansive metal material. It is worth mentioning that Hermes also brought the creation of an exclusive development of silver. This new alloy of silver ratio higher compared to conventional 925 alloy developed by someone special, make sure that years later still retains its silver light bloom.